Are vitamin pills harmful?

Every year, over 20 million packets of vitamins are sold in Russia, and this figure increases daily. In this issue we will describe whether they are useful for the human body or not, and dispel myths about their synthetic compound.

Many people believe that vitamins contained in natural products are much more useful than artificially developed ones. Actually, that’s not entirely true. The thing is that the chemical formula of the vitamins sold in the pharmacy is almost identical to the natural ones. For example, the most useful vitamin among the inhabitants of the country, vitamin C is digested the same way, whether you get it from an apple or a pill bought at the pharmacy. At the same time, the industrially created one will contain much more nutrients, even though it is smaller in size.

Another common myth is that you can never have too much vitamins and they are all useful. Actually, the uncontrolled intake of beta-carotene, vitamins A and E and iron increases the risk of premature death. It makes no difference whether you get them through eating foods or taking pills. Speaking of vitamin A, in cases of pregnancy, its overabundance may lead to birth defects.

If we talk about loss of vitamins during cooking, steaming will, of course, be the best way to cook food. Moreover, the heat treatment has only a beneficial effect on such vitamins as A, D, E and K. As for the microwave, although sometimes it spoils the taste of the dish, the microwaved food remains the vitamins much better than the food cooked on the stovetop.

In conclusion, we would like to say about the single vitamin supplement. In most cases, this is nothing more than a marketing ploy, which increases the income of pharmaceutical companies. The thing is that the vitamins contained in one pill can really reduce the effect of each other. Still, this occurs to a small extent, but never on the scale that some food supplements manufacturers are describing. Calcium, for example, does not affect the absorption of iron, which is the opposite of what we’ve been told in commercials. And we have not even mentioned the technology of microgranulation, which allows you to put the vitamins compatible with each other into the microgranules that make up the multivitamins you buy.