Causes and side effects of flat feet

Flatfoot is extremely common on Earth, it is included in the international classification of diseases and with it they do not even take up the army. In this issue we will tell whether it is so dangerous to human health.

Quite often, flat feet can affect the tendons in the leg, knees and lower back. There may be severe pain as a result of long walking and poor posture due to overloading of the human foot. Moreover, even if a person was born with the correct structure of the foot, with age-related diseases of the joints, its shape may change, the same thing often happens due to serious physical injuries, such as car accidents or professional sports.

Few people know, but flatfoot is a congenital disease, it is genetically programmed and almost impossible to correct without surgical intervention. At the same time, many Russian doctors, based on Soviet practice, still prescribe tough, inconvenient shoes for shape correction for small children, which not only brings discomfort to the child, but is also completely devoid of meaning. However, in the shoes, which repeats the anatomical shape of the legs, all the same there is a sense – it is much more convenient for a person to walk with flat feet. In addition, inductors are used, which are so popular in sports sneakers.

If you go back to the diseases that can occur in people with flat feet, then it is worth highlighting the problems with posture. According to studies, they appear due to excessive collapse of the foot, which leads to pain in the lower back and improper distribution of tension in the muscles. All this can be avoided by wearing comfortable and anatomically correct shoes. In particular, therefore, Russia and a number of other countries do not allow people with similar problems to military service, because soldier’s shoes are far from human anatomy.

In conclusion, we would like to say that surgery is rare, but necessary for those people who have fulfilled all the previously mentioned recommendations, but still have problems with their legs. At the same time, we emphasize once again that flat feet cannot be prevented. Because you should not torture your children or yourself uncomfortable shoes, and even more so resort to different methods of traditional medicine.