Chemical Weapon. Why is it dangerous?

On March 4, 2018 former Russian intelligence officer Sergey Skripal and his daughter were poisoned with the Novice nerve agent, which caused a huge international scandal. In this issue we will talk about this and other types of chemical weapons.

To begin with, let’s look at the history of its use, which actually began during the First World War. It was then that Germany first began its use against the French troops, which led to the death of 5,000 people. And despite the fact that it was later banned by the Geneva Protocol, the Nazis continued to develop and poisoned prisoners in concentration camps with the cyclone-B pesticide. Subsequently, in the 50s of the 20th century, a neuroparalytic gas was invented, the formula of which was acquired by the United States from British scientists, which led to a new arms race, which was completed in 97. Then all the UN countries abandoned the use of chemical weapons, and by 2017, our country had completely eliminated all its stocks.

In fact, in addition to the nervous substances that cause convulsions and complete paralysis of all vital organs, there are a number of equally dangerous weapons. For example, chlorine and phosgene are suffocating substances, whose action may not manifest itself during the first 12 hours after poisoning. Well, then there is toxic pulmonary edema and death. Also, it is worth noting prussic acid and cyan chloride, which have an instant effect and block the transfer of oxygen from the blood to the tissues.

In conclusion, we would like to say about the chemical, called the “Newbie”, which was developed in our country from 1971 to 1993. At the moment it is one of the most powerful toxic substances used as chemical weapons. According to official information, Russia has never used it, including in the case of Sergei Skripal poisoning. Among other things, the “Novice” was synthesized by Iranian scientists to add banned chemicals to the database, which may indirectly indicate the possibility of its reproduction in other countries. It is important to note the story of Leonid Rinka, who, according to unofficial information, participated in the development of “Novice” and poisoned them by the famous businessman Ivan Kivelidi. But as is usually the case with people related to the top of power, his guilt has not been proven.