End of the world. The causes of the Apocalypse

Almost every year, various experts, both in science and in occultism, predict the end of the world and death to all living things. In this issue, we will talk about what really can lead the population of our planet to an apocalypse.

Let’s start with supervolcanoes that can lead to global climate change on Earth. This relatively new term refers to two dozen volcanoes, whose eruptions occur on average once every 100 thousand years, but cause irreparable damage to the planet’s ecosystem. One of the worst such disasters was the eruption of Toba volcano located in Indonesia. 73 thousand years ago, about 3 billion tons of sulfur dioxide was released into the air. Acid rain has been raging across the planet for several years. Vegetation in many parts of the world was destroyed, and dust clouds and the ice age that followed, which lasted about 2 thousand years, drastically reduced the population of the Earth.

The probability of falling meteorites is still very high and extremely dangerous for a population of people. Let’s start with the fact that in 2010 the scientific community was finally convinced that the extinction of dinosaurs occurred due to the fall of a celestial body on the surface of the Earth, as evidenced by the publication in the journal Science in March of that year. It will be important to note that for the example from 2010 to 2016, as many as 48 celestial bodies fell on our planet, which, however, did not cause much damage. In order to shoot down a large asteroid, it is possible to use a nuclear or atomic weapon if an object is detected several years before a collision. But this may affect the trajectory of other asteroids that threaten Earth and lead to even more terrible consequences.

Of course, you should not forget about the human factor, because we can destroy ourselves on our own. To begin with, the number of nuclear weapons on the planet is so huge that the heads of powers are able to incinerate the surface of the planet hundreds of times, literally within a few hours. Here it is worth adding the probability of the Third World War, which, due to the development of technology, does not have to be destructive. Chemical and biological weapons can easily destroy humanity. And, of course, global warming, which is inevitable, but accelerated by man with such success, will lead to irreversible consequences for all life on our planet.