Food poisoning and the E. coli case

Each of us has experienced stomach problems as a result of poisoning with certain products. In this issue we will discuss the most common causes of this disease.

You’d be surprised, but the problem of food poisoning is so global that every year more than 350 thousand people die from their effects on the planet, while tens of millions suffer from symptoms that cause significant damage to the digestive system. It is important to note that more than half of the infections occur due to the lack of basic hygiene, such as washing hands, food and dishes during their preparation.

Based on statistics from the World Health Organization, the most dangerous products are beef and chicken, milk, eggs and seafood. As before, salmonellosis leads the list of causes of acute intestinal diseases. It is caused by special bacteria that can be found in meat or eggs, which are most often harmful. Before using them, it is important to thoroughly wash the product, and in case of hemorrhage inside the egg, dispose of it immediately. Otherwise, nausea, vomiting, headaches, dehydration and even damage to the nervous system are inevitable.

The second cause of death on our planet is E. coli. Surprisingly, most of its strains are completely harmless to the body, they constantly live in our stomach and even serve as a source of some vitamins. But there are species that are deadly to humans. Unwashed vegetables or not roasted meat can lead to irreversible effects in the body. The fact is that some strains of E. coli synthesize deadly toxins, cause inflammation of the genitourinary system and even meningitis in newborns if the mother of the child consumes low-quality products.

In conclusion, we would like to say about norovirus, which in the USA alone takes up to 35 thousand lives of people annually. Its main source is dirty seafood and various salad ingredients. Moreover, this virus is carried by air over short distances, which is why it often causes whole epidemics. As in other cases, its symptoms are nausea and stomach pain, but fever, drowsiness and muscle pain are also possible.