Global warming 2019

Increasingly, on our planet, there are cataclysms associated with global warming, which eventually will lead to enormous problems for all of humanity. This is what we will discuss in this issue.

Of course, we could not pass by the fires raging in California and which, at the time of preparation for the release, 58 people died, becoming the most deadly in the last century. According to NASA, the temperature in this region is growing steadily from year to year, increasing the number of dry areas, which are the cause of fires. At the same time, it will be important to note that fifteen of the strongest of them have occurred here in the last eighteen years.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns mankind not only about the devastating weather phenomena, but also about the gradual disappearance of corals from the face of the Earth. They are home to thousands of marine species, but are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature. It is its increase literally a few degrees from the norm that will lead to the death of creatures, and if we add to this uncontrolled prey and water pollution, then we face the complete extinction of corals literally within the next 100 years and the subsequent reduction of the flora and fauna inhabiting water reservoirs.

Many represent global warming solely as temperature increases and droughts, but this is not entirely true. US National Environmental Information Centers warn that with the advent of high temperatures, evaporation of fluid from the surface of the Earth will increase. This will lead to quite dramatic and life-threatening climate change. Destroying all living drought, will be replaced by downpours, which in turn will lead to flooding. Global cataclysms such as hurricanes and tsunamis will occur where they have never existed, and animals and people will begin to migrate to escape from natural disasters.

In conclusion, we would like to say that solar activity, volcanic eruptions and other natural processes also affect the Earth’s climate and increase its temperature. But, human activity accelerates these processes thousands of times, leading the Earth to inevitable death.