Harmful effect of vegetable oil

The absolute majority of people on our planet, constantly eat vegetable oil, whether in salads or fried meatballs. In this issue we will talk about how this harmless ingredient can significantly impair your health.

For a start, let’s see what is related to vegetable oils. This is not only sunflower, which is found in every grocery store in the country, but also olive, mustard and even peanut. In general, everything that is extracted from plants. All these liquids turn into real poison as a result of improper storage or in the case of intense heating. We will tell about it further.

In any edible oil there is such a thing as “smoke temperature”, reaching which, it begins to form a huge amount of harmful substances. For example, acrylamide is an eternal companion of fried potatoes, it is formed on the fried crust of any products containing starch and easily affects the nervous system, as well as the human liver and mucous membranes. Moreover, in 2010, the European Chemicals Agency added acrylamide to the list of substances that could potentially cause cancer. Also, it is worth noting the smoke itself, usually emanating from the pan, it contains acrolein and free radicals that are toxic to the eyes, lungs and human skin.

If the oil is not stored properly, the process of rancidding or simply its oxidation with oxygen begins, as a result of which it not only deteriorates to taste, but also becomes life-threatening. Especially here it is worth noting toxic aldehydes, which not only harm the body, but also accumulate in it.

Many people think that olive oil is much more beneficial when frying than sunflower oil, but this is not entirely true. The fact is that a modern gas stove can heat your frying pan or pan to 500 degrees, and the temperature of the smoke that the olive, that the sunflower is in the region of 200-230 degrees, upon reaching which both products turn into poison. It will be important to note that many loved butter begins to smoke already after 170 degrees, which means it is potentially much more dangerous than its predecessors.

As a result, some tips on how to protect yourself. First, make sure that your oil is suitable for frying, as well as refined, which will increase the temperature of its smoke. Never use oil for re-frying food and do not overcook it, because it significantly increases the amount of carcinogens that cause cancer.