How brain cancer can kill you

Such well-known people like Zhanna Friske, Mikhail Zadornov and Dmitry Hvorostovsky died recently from brain tumors. In this issue we will talk about the causes of this disease and how to combat it.

Every year a quarter of a million people on our planet are diagnosed with a brain tumor, with more than half of these cases being glioblastoma. Survival figures for patients with this type of disease do not exceed 35% over a five-year period of tumor development. It is this type of cancer that the above-mentioned celebrities were sick with and that tens of thousands of people die from it every year.

Unfortunately, in spite of the development of medicine, the causes of glioblastoma are most often unknown. Moreover, in most cases, the appearance of a tumor is due to human genetics, and it is not possible to prevent its development in the brain. It is also worth noting the detrimental effect of the presence of Epstein-Barr virus in the body, or simply herpes of the fourth type, radiation and inhalation of vinyl chloride in various industrial productions. Therefore, it is in Japan, which is famous for the development of technology, about as well as the frequency of oncology, all residents of the country undergo tomography 3 times a year.

In March 2017, an extensive study was published, in which more than 30 thousand people and 20 institutions from around the world took part. Scientists managed to find those parts of DNA that are responsible for the development of brain cancer. In the case of their presence at the time of the genetic test, it will be possible to diagnose early, and therefore increase the chances of prolonging the patient’s life. At the same time it will be important to answer that glioblastoma is a fatal medical case, it can be controlled, but it is incurable. In fact, the tumor will be the whole brain, and its entire genetic structure will be confirmed by the disease.

In conclusion, we would like to say about the ways of dealing with this disease. As with other types of cancer, radiation and chemical therapies, as well as surgery, are used here. But, unfortunately, it is far from always possible because of the complexity of the device of the brain and the size of the tumor itself. In this case, early diagnosis in the form of passing DNA tests, can significantly increase the life of the patient.