How much alcohol can you safely drink?

There is an opinion that small doses of alcohol are beneficial for the cardiovascular system and the whole organism. In this issue we will tell whether this is in fact the case.

April 14, 2018 in the pages of the magazine Lancet, which is one of the most prestigious specialized publications in the world, published a material about how small doses of alcohol affect the body. The sample included more than half a million people from 19 countries, whose indicators were studied by a group of 120 researchers from around the world. According to the results of their work, a moderate amount of alcohol does not provide special benefits for human health, but it can hurt.

Even some 5 years ago, UK medical institutions published recommendations regarding the safe amount of alcohol, which ranged from 10 grams of pure alcohol for a woman to 20 grams for an adult man. Two years ago, these figures level up to 10 grams, but this year, scientists questioned these figures. Indicators of people participating in studies suggest that alcohol, although it reduces the possibility of a heart attack, but significantly increases the risk of death from stroke and cardiac arrest. But do not be in a hurry to be frightened, not everything is so bad!

Despite the fact that the effect of alcohol on the body is still not very well studied, we can say that 100 grams of ethanol drunk during the week, which is about 7 bottles of beer, will not particularly affect the duration of your life. At the same time, a link was established between this indicator and the amount of alcohol consumed. 200 grams of pure alcohol per week will reduce your stay on Earth by about six months, but if you drink more than 350 grams over the same period, life can be reduced by up to 5 years. If we add here the factors of ecology, smoking, and various diseases, we get a rather short and not devoid of disease life.

In conclusion, we would like to remind you that alcohol is a powerful carcinogen and can contribute to the formation of cancerous tumors. This is also worth adding the study, published in March 2018, talking about the relationship of alcoholism and dementia, which often manifests itself even before old age.