How to prevent cancer?

Various forms of cancer take millions of lives each year. In this issue, we will discuss how to reduce the likelihood that you will get sick.

Some statistics: cancer is the second leading cause of death that takes about 10 million lives every year, and this is every sixth death on our planet. At the same time, 70% of such cases occur in countries with low or middle income levels, to which, among other things, Russia and the CIS countries can be attributed. It will be important to note that the high mortality rate from cancer is caused not only by the fatality of most of its forms, but also by seeking medical help in the later stages, when medicines and chemotherapy are practically powerless.

The International Journal of Cancer, one of the most respected medical publications in the field, published in October 2017 a large-scale study on how changes in lifestyle can prevent up to 40% of deaths from various cancers. Predictable, but smoking is still the main cause of tumor development, because it accounts for more than 22% of deaths. And this is not surprising, because the inhaled smoke contains more than seven thousand toxic chemicals.

If you do not smoke, then think about obesity, in the case of excess weight. According to statistics, nutritional problems and insufficient physical activity lead to the formation of cancer and mortality in 6% of cases. This also includes alcohol, which is the strongest carcinogen, a significant dose of which can cause stomach cancer or, for example, liver cancer, which only in 2015 killed almost 800 thousand lives.

In case the problem of smoking, harmful food and alcohol is resolved, it’s time to think about the ultraviolet. It takes more than 3% of the lives of cancer patients as a result of the development of melanoma, or simply skin cancer. Metastases in the development of this disease affect many organs, although it is possible to avoid this by simply giving up a long tan under the scorching sun and going to the solarium, which is no less dangerous than direct sunlight.

As a result, we would like to emphasize that according to a study by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, 66% of cancer mutations occur by chance, another 5% depend on your heredity, but 29% is the same figure that you can influence by changing your Lifestyle.