Is it safe to drink rain water?

Many believe that rainwater is extremely beneficial to the body, because it was created by nature itself. In this issue, we will dispel this myth and tell you what this fluid actually is.

Surprisingly, there are entire online stores that specialize in the sale of rainwater. For $ 16, you can buy as many as 10 liters of “fresh live spring water”, as stated on the manufacturer’s website. And indeed, this water can be called “living”, because the number of microorganisms in it exceeds all permissible limits. However, the same applies to urban snow, we will describe this later.

Due to poor-quality water, more than 350 thousand children under the age of five worldwide die every year. Such data are cited by the World Health Organization, stating that the so-called “natural” water sources can contribute to the transmission of cholera, dysentery and hepatitis. When it rains, condensation that falls on your head with us travels a long way from heaven to earth, collecting particles of dust, exhaust gases and microorganisms that are hazardous to health. As an example, during a thunderstorm, nitrogen oxides are formed in water, which oxidize water and, as a result, damage health if ingested without proper cleaning.

Of course, we could not pass by the adherents of the so-called “living” water, who believe that natural water bodies are a source of vitality and health. It is these people who often recommend to drink water without purifying it, because, according to them, all its useful properties are destroyed. At the same time, they forget about salmonella, E. coli and even cholera vibrioes, which can simply kill you, as they do with 100 thousand people every year around the world.

In conclusion, some more interesting facts. The rainwater that you want to collect from the roof, as many of our summer residents, will contain such additions as lead, copper and asbestos, which is unlikely to please the body. Especially when you consider that many of these impurities remain in the water even after boiling and chlorination. Well, about the acid rain next to the industrial enterprises and not worth mentioning. They can not only poison humans, but also destroy almost all the flora and fauna in the surrounding areas.