Is sugary soda bad for your health?

Carbonated beverages are firmly established in the diet of our country’s residents, and they can be dangerous to health. In this issue we will talk about whether this is actually the case and what is included in their composition.

Many are frightened by the fact that soda can easily clean pipes or old coins from rust. This is due to the presence of orthophosphoric acid in the composition, for example, Coke. This chemical element serves to regulate the acidity of the drink, in case of violation of which you will have problems with digestion. As for the metal, this chemical element simply reacts with iron oxide, which, of course, does not indicate its harm to the stomach. Another thing is that when consuming a large amount of soda, this very acid can cause erosion of the teeth, which can be avoided if they are simply clean after consuming the product.

Let’s dwell on sugar, which was already mentioned in the last issue, a link to which you will find at the end of the issue. In 2018, the American Heart Association Study published a report on the effects of sugary drinks on the body. As it turned out, they are stronger than other sources of sugar, such as cakes or sweets, affect the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases, and this is not to mention obesity. Also, it is worth noting a study in 2017 conducted by the University of Boston, talking about a decrease in the volume of the hippocampus and memory impairment during the consumption of sugary drinks, while not only soda, but also fruit juices.

Of course, we could not overlook the gases that are contained in excess in soda. According to many studies, you have nothing to worry about, provided that there are no diseases of the digestive system. If you experience problems with bloating or if you have symptoms of irritable bowel, it is best to refuse such fluids. As for the mixing of gases with alcohol, they greatly accelerate its absorption into the blood, which can lead to a rather rapid intoxication, intoxication of the body and, consequently, to a more severe hangover.

In conclusion, we would like to note that controlled consumption of sweet soda in size, for example, 1 cup per day is unlikely to lead to obesity, dental problems or cardiovascular diseases. But if you are zealous in this matter, then all the above problems will not take long to wait.