Myths about the health benefits of yogurt

Many of you consume yogurt, thinking not only about its taste, but also about the benefits imposed on us from the TV screen. In this issue, we will describe how this product is made, and whether it can cause harm to your body.

To begin with, the milk goes to the plant, where its indicators of fat content and the absence of pathogenic bacteria and antibiotic residues, which are given to animals in case of diseases, are checked. Then it is boiled, after which lactic streptococci and sticks are added – special starter microorganisms that turn milk into yogurt. It will be important to note that, unlike Bulgaria, the homeland of this product, in our country dry milk, sugar, thickeners and other ingredients can be added to yogurt, the main thing is not to forget to add the previously mentioned leaven, otherwise the manufacturer will not have the right indicate on the label the naming of yogurt.

Thanks to the endless advertising from the TV screen, even small children know about the so-called good bacteria and probiotics, which are supposed to treat the intestines, improve immunity and protect against colds. Moreover, probiotics are nutritional supplements that some doctors prescribe for dysbiosis, which, of course, is complete ignorance and obscurantism, if only because this attack is simply absent in the international classification of diseases. Surely many of you know the company Danone, which produces, including the eponymous yogurt and drink Activia. So, in 2009, she paid $ 35 million in fines for empty promises to increase immunity and improve digestion.

If we talk about the dangers of this product, it is not hidden in its composition, but in the fact that people with digestive problems begin to use it as a panacea, while making your body even worse, because Lactic acid products are not always helpful to irritated food. However, the existing class of probiotic tablets, sold in a pharmacy, and not in the dairy departments of supermarkets, can really help with certain diseases. But do not forget that the number of studies of these drugs is extremely small, which is why they are still in the status of dietary supplements, which can not be considered complete medicines.

And finally, is it worth it to eat yogurt? Yes, just like ice cream, bread or herring. All these products are equally tasty, but absolutely useless for problems with digestion or immunity. There is even such a pseudoscience called “naturopathy”, based on the belief that the processes in living organisms are controlled by a special supernatural energy, so people professing this nonsense like to treat many diseases of probiotics, whose effectiveness is not proven by science.