Negative effects of video games

From television screens, you can often hear accusations against video games, which supposedly not only hinder the development of adolescents, but also make them aggressive and capable of crime. In this issue we will tell whether this is indeed the case.

In 2014, a static report on the number of gamers in Russia was published, based on data from the largest computer corporations. Based on it, more than half of Russians are regular users of computer games, and their age is about 30 years. Most of them are adult men, half of whom have their own family and even children. However, people of this particular age become terrorists, ostensibly due to bloody computer shooters.

Many terrorist acts that occurred in schools are associated with computer games that develop aggression in a teenager and encourage him to commit crimes. Moreover, in 2001 an extensive study was published proving this fact, which was the beginning of the war of the governments of many countries against the gaming industry. Fortunately, as early as May 2018, the scientific community rejected such radical statements, and a study released in the same month completely denied the connection between violent video games and the development of psychopathology and crime. However, scientists do not deny that games that contain scenes of violence can serve as a kind of catalyst, or simply speaking – if your child is prone to outbreaks of aggression, he can copy what he saw on the screen. But by itself, the game is not able to make an aggressive killer out of a teenager – everything will depend on his upbringing and the people around him.

Surprisingly, in 2017 in the English press appeared a frightening study, speaking about the connection of video games with an increased risk of diabetes. Later, such articles began to appear in Russian-language publications, without any study of scientific data, which are far from being so straightforward. The fact is that the discussion here is not about games, but rather about a sedentary lifestyle when a teenager spends a lot of time in front of the screen, thereby gaining extra weight and increasing the level of hormone insulin resistance. He will do it while watching TV, reading books or playing games does not matter.

In conclusion, we would like to say about gambling addiction and problem gambling, which in June 2018 was included in the international classification of diseases. It is characterized by the fact that a person ceases to control the time spent behind the game, and the priorities of his life are shifted to the field of gaming processes, when real communication, physical activity and even nutrition take second place. This disease not only affects the human psyche, but also largely affects his physical health due to the absence of other activities. At the moment, rehabilitation centers for similar patients are open in the USA and some other countries, in Russia for the time being it remains to rely solely on classical psychotherapy.