Non-alcoholic beer and breathalyzer

Non-alcoholic beer is quite a popular drink in our country. In this issue we will explain what and how it is done, as well as how useful it is for your body.

Surprisingly, the non-alcoholic beer market is growing from year to year, and its consumption in 2016 increased by 14% compared with the previous one. At the same time it will be important to note that there is still alcohol in this drink, but according to the standards it should not exceed 0.5%, which is about the same as kefir. Therefore, to achieve the level of intoxication equal to one bottle of regular beer, you need about 4 liters of non-alcoholic. But it should be said that they have about the same smell, so we do not recommend using these drinks while driving, so as not to irritate the police once again.

High-quality non-alcoholic beer has excellent taste due to special technologies that do not interfere with the initial brewing process. It is worth noting the three main ones. The method of evaporation is probably the most barbaric in relation to the taste of the product, because the finished beer is subjected to heat treatment, during which the alcohol evaporates, well, and the drink loses its flavor. The second method is less destructive – it is the use of special yeasts, which reduce the fermentation of sugar into alcohol. Well, the third, the most modern – is membrane filtration, when all the ethanol is removed from the finished alcoholic beer using special filters that do not spoil the taste and aroma of the drink. But at the same time, the cost of such a procedure is not available to small producers.

If we talk about the composition of non-alcoholic beer, it contains classic ingredients such as malt, yeast and hops. Because of this, it is an excellent source of potassium and magnesium. Moreover, according to some studies, a natural drink can help compensate for the lack of sodium in the body during strength training. Also, it is worth noting the low calorie content of such a beer and a reduced amount of carbohydrates during multistage membrane filtration.

In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that nonalcoholic beer contains B vitamins, which are good for the skin and hair. In addition, antioxidants polyphenols in its composition, improve digestion and even beneficial effects on the heart muscle.