Pros and cons of sugar substitutes and sweeteners

Sweeteners, which are included for example in the composition of the Cola Zero, according to some scientists are a healthy alternative to regular sugar. However, some people are confident that they cause cancer. In this issue we will tell whether this is in fact the case.

To begin with, perhaps, the fact that excessive consumption of sugar can actually lead to obesity, problems with the pancreas and the diseases resulting from this. At the same time, WHO recommends limiting its amounts to 6 teaspoons per day or 25 grams. Importantly, a complete rejection of sugar also harm your health, including due to a decrease in blood glucose and a decrease in the protective functions of the liver from toxic substances.

If you go back to sweeteners, then in January 2019, an extensive meta-analysis of 56 different studies was published, in which more than 14 thousand people took part, saying that the rejection of sugar in favor of sweeteners has virtually no effect on health. Of course, those who consumed sugar substitutes, the glucose level in the blood was more often normal, and weight gain was slower, but the percentage of such people is extremely small and close to statistical error.

If we talk about the beneficial properties of sweeteners, they can be effective for people with diabetes, but if you are trying to lose weight with their help, then it is completely useless. It will be more important to reduce the caloric content of food, rather than changing the sugar to its chemical counterparts.

In conclusion, we would like to dispel the myth that sweeteners can cause cancer. Extensive research for 2015 and 2017 did not reveal the connection of these substances with any of the known types of cancer, however, as well as with the metabolic disorder, which is often written in various media.