The advantages and disadvantages of coffee

Many people believe that coffee is a harmful drink, addiction and health problems. In this issue we will tell whether this is in fact the case.

November 13, 2017 published the results of an extensive study of the American Association for the Study of Heart Disease. According to the document, coffee consumption reduces the risk of stroke and a number of heart diseases, including heart attack by almost 10%. Moreover, scientists conducted an analysis of the Framingham study, which lasted more than sixty years, directly pointing to the same link between caffeine and your health.

The following study, which I wanted to tell you, was conducted in 2007 at the Swiss Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology. It concerns a person’s dependence on caffeine. Scientists found out that consuming about two cups of ground coffee a day can actually cause physical dependence. It can lead to a change in mood, headache, and small increases in blood pressure, but it doesn’t compare with the strength of the effect with alcohol, much less with drugs. Moreover, about half of the people are not affected by these symptoms, and the rest experience a breakdown of maximum for one week.

A common myth is that caffeine causes dehydration, but the only study published in June 2005 by the University of Connecticut completely refutes this statement. However, coffee can stimulate gastritis, especially if you eat this drink on an empty stomach. But with regards to cancer, which is occasionally talked about in the near-scientific editions, back in 2016, the International Agency for Oncology Research issued a press release that completely refutes this widespread misconception.

In conclusion, let’s answer the main question “If it’s possible to die after drinking a large amount of coffee”. In fact, yes, it is true, its quantity should be prohibitively huge. The lethal dose is about 70 cups of drink or 200 milligrams of caffeine for every kilogram of your mass. At the same time, before the cardiac arrest, hallucinations, the strongest tachycardia and confusion will torment you.