The advantages and disadvantages of eating chocolate

A huge number of people on our planet love to eat sweets, especially chocolate. In this issue, we will tell you whether this delicacy is harmful to your body and what problems it can cause in case of significant overeating.

You’d be surprised, but until 1847, chocolate did not have a solid form, and cocoa beans, which are its main ingredient, were used only to make drinks. At the same time, cocoa butter, extracted from the core of the fruit, directly affects the cost of your purchase, the more it is, the more expensive it is. Despite the fact that 70% of the crop of these valuable seeds is grown in West Africa, some manufacturers do without them. The fact is that in cheap chocolate, cocoa butter can be replaced with palm or coconut, which generally does not harm the body, but reduces the cost of production several times. It will be important to note that in our country there are quite tough GOST standards for the manufacture of bitter and milk chocolate, therefore, it recommends purchasing tiles with this mark, and not with the inscription MOT, which means nothing more than technical specifications for the manufacture of a particular product that we write manufacturer itself to standardize its production.

Controlled consumption of chocolate can be not only tasty, but also beneficial for your body. The amino acid contained in it called Tryptophan stimulates the production of serotonin, which is one of the hormones of happiness, and caffeine, which is also part of high-quality chocolate, contributes to better mental and physical performance. It will be important to note that there are studies that talk about cocoa beans as a means of reducing the incidence of such illnesses as stroke, heart attack, cancer and diabetes, but the scientific community is still skeptical about these statements. By the way, unfortunately, evidence that chocolate affects sexual activity is not enough at the moment.

Now about the dangers of chocolate. Many believe that there is a link between its consumption and acne on the skin, but, fortunately, there are many studies that refute this statement. Depending on the manufacturer, chocolate can contain a large amount of oxalate – salts and oxalic esters, which can increase the risk of kidney stones, because we do not recommend eating cocoa containing products for people with urolithiasis. The main pest for a healthy person is the uncontrolled eating of this delicacy, because it contains a huge amount of fat that affects the digestive and cardiovascular system. By the way, it will be important to note that cocoa beans may contain a certain amount of lead and there are a number of precedents when some American manufacturers allowed it to be exceeded, but, fortunately, these cases are rare.

And finally, let’s say about our smaller brothers. Under no circumstances, do not feed your pets chocolate. The fact is that it contains theobromine, which is a fairly strong toxin, which is poorly absorbed and can be fatal to your pet.