The advantages and disadvantages of sugar

According to some scientists, sugar is an extremely harmful product for the human body. In this issue we will tell you whether this is true and which products that call themselves “healthy” contain it in large quantities.

Let’s start with the fact that sugar is an extremely important food product and without it a person simply will not survive. Getting into the stomach of its part, is processed into glucose, which provides energy to the entire body. Moreover, in addition to energy, it helps the liver resist various toxic substances. Every year, the average static Russian consumes about 38 kilograms of sugar, and this figure is steadily increasing, being one of the largest in the world. In terms of the daily diet – it is more than 100 grams, which, of course, cannot affect the health of the person.

The excess of sweets leads to various cardiovascular diseases, problems associated with overweight and to liver obesity, the cells of which will simply die, replaced by fat. Of course, do not forget about diabetes, which is a real disaster for humanity and is still an incurable and deadly disease. It is also worth noting the direct connection with depression, when your brain simply gets used to a constant excess of glucose and, if it is absent, begins to work worse and produces stress hormones.

Many foods that are considered beneficial for nutrition and are recommended as dietary, in fact contain a huge amount of sugar. Even bananas or grapes are about 3-4 teaspoons per 100 grams of product. A small portion of cottage cheese with fruit filling can contain 8 or more grams of pure sugar, which is at least 2-3 spoons. As for the various juices, for example, orange, even in it the sweetness is almost as much as in a glass of cola. The same can be said about fruit yoghurts, quick-cooking cereals, corn flakes, whole-grain bread, and other low-fat products, where many people hate fat are replaced with regular sugar.

In conclusion, we would like to say about the unfading mode on smoothies – a cocktail based on natural berries and fruits, with the addition of at least natural juice. Although this fruit contains natural fructose, its overabundance, like in the case of regular sugar, leads to obesity and disease. According to research, a regular glass of smoothie contains sugar as in 2 kilograms of fruit, which exceeds even sweet carbonated water in terms of indicators.