The countries where people smoke the most

Russia is one of the most smoking countries in the world. In this issue you will find out who is competing with us in this issue and how in other countries they are fighting for the safety of people’s health.

Let’s start with frightening numbers. According to the World Health Organization, tobacco kills up to 50% of all smokers, which is about 6 million lives annually. At the same time, 890 thousand additionally die as a result of exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke. That it contains a few thousand chemicals, hundreds of which are considered harmful, and more than 50 deadly carcinogens. If we talk about the final figures, at the moment the number of nicotine-dependent has almost reached the mark of 1 billion people.

In fourth place in the number of smokers are the United States. Here, 17 million women and 20 million men succumb to this addiction. In 2010, more than half of the states adopted a number of restrictions on smoking in public places. These are hospitals, kindergartens and other government agencies. And for example, in New York in general, all of Times Square was banned. Well, in New Orleans, a smoker should be at a distance of half a meter from a non-smoker, or he will face a large fine.

Indonesia has the third place – there are only 4 million women smokers, but 50 million men, which together makes up almost a quarter of the country’s total population. Alas, the tobacco lobby here is so strong that the whole struggle with smoking is reduced to warning pictures on the packs and restrictions on the use of the words “light” or “soft”.

India ranks second with 13 million women and men, of whom nearly 90 million are smokers. In this country, there are bans on smoking in restaurants, cafes and other public places, only the size of the fine is equal to the cost of about one pack, and the police are not particularly concerned with compliance with the laws. Including thanks to it, every fifth person dying from smoking on the Earth lives in India.

China has the first place, there are 14 million women and 254 million male smokers, which is almost 2 times the population of Russia. Most of the market belongs to the state, because the price of the poison is extremely small, and the restriction on smoking in public places has virtually no effect on the number of smokers and is often violated.

In conclusion, let’s say about Russia. We have the honorable fifth place or 8 million women and 25 million men. In 2008, we joined the international convention on tobacco control, but so far about 400 thousand Russians die every year because of it.