The harmful effects of air conditioning on human healt

Air conditioners have become an integral part of our life, they can be found not only in apartments, but also in shops, offices, cafes and restaurants. In this issue we will talk about how desired coolness can harm your health.

Let’s start, perhaps, with the most common myth that from a long stay at the air conditioner you can catch a cold. This is not entirely true. The fact is that cold air itself is not dangerous for a healthy person, and can only provoke chronic infections that live in your body, including herpes. In addition, muscle spasms are quite possible from cold air currents, due to the desire of the body to warm itself, which will cause inflammation or, simply put, will simply “blow through” you.

Also, do not forget about the microorganisms living in your air conditioner. Most of them do not take air from the street, but only circulate the one that is in the room, driving it through the internal filters. That is why when buying this device, you must make sure that there is a filtering function, as well as constantly monitor the cleanliness of the device. Otherwise, a huge amount of dust will accumulate inside, which can cause both allergies and catarrhal viral diseases.

Despite the presence of a tube that removes excess moisture from the air conditioner, a small amount of it still remains inside the device, which, coupled with warm air and enclosed space, serves as an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. For example, mold, combined with dust mites – is a guarantee of shortness of breath, cough and nasal congestion, even in completely healthy people. This problem is especially acute for buildings with central air conditioning, such as business centers or hotels. A typical case occurred in the summer of 1976 in Pennsylvania, when 29 guests of the Bellevue Stratford Hotel died as a result of the presence of legionellosis bacteria in the building’s cooling system.

So after all, how not to get sick using air conditioning? At home or in the country, change its filter at least once a year, and also do not forget to air the air-conditioned room. When staying near the device for a long time, do not direct the air flow towards yourself, to avoid inflammation. And finally, during your stay at the hotel, take on the function of the auditor and do not be lazy to see what is hidden behind the front cover of your air conditioner. The same applies to the car – the replacement and cleaning of filters that need to be done every 25 thousand kilometers.