The life and death of Stephen Hawking

March 14, 2018 at the age of 76 years, died one of the most famous scientists of our planet Stephen Hawking. In this issue we will talk about what this man is famous for and how his work influenced the future of the Earth.

Surprisingly, back in 1963, Stephen was made a disappointing diagnosis, which led to paralysis, and the attending physicians were confident that he was only a few years of life. Since then, he led the fight against the disease, continuing research, which radically changed people’s ideas about the structure of the universe. Oscar-winning film “Stephen Hawking’s Universe” was shot about him, which tells about the difficult fate of a scientist who has been attached to a wheelchair since the very beginning of his scientific career.

Hawking was one of the most famous populizers of science, authored by the book “A Brief History of Time”, sold over 10 million copies, where the theory of the origin of the Universe is explained in accessible language. Also, he participated in the proof of the Big Bang theory and was a researcher of black holes – one of the main mysteries of the cosmos, which we talked about in one of the issues, a link to which you will find at the end of the video. At the same time, Stephen argued that humanity needs to leave the Earth in the next 1000 years, since the planet’s resources are extremely limited, and the danger of improving robotics, nuclear weapons and artificial intelligence threatens the future of people.

Stephen Hawking along with Russian businessman Yuri Miller, one of the co-owners of Group, participated in a project to study the star system Alpha Centauri where Proxima b is located – probably the main hope of humanity for the relocation and extraterrestrial intelligence. This is the closest Earth-type planet to us from the currently discovered, however, more than 4 light-years to fly to it, which is about 18 thousand years by the standards of the fastest spacecraft available from NASA. And besides, the average temperature at Proxime is kept at -40 degrees Celsius.

Hawking is one of the few people with the status of professor of mathematics at the University of Cambridge, where 300 years ago this title was given to the greatest Isaac Newton. It should be noted that Newton, unlike Hawking, was not disabled and was able to speak freely, while Stephen used a speech synthesizer designed specifically for him by Intel to speak at scientific symposia.

In conclusion, we would like to say that our hero was a staunch atheist and argued that the Universe appears from nothing, and not created by some mythical God. The brain is only a computer that stops working if its components break, and heaven or the afterlife is just a magic story for those who are afraid of the dark.