The most influential people in the world

Forbes has made a rating of the most influential people of our planet. In this issue we will talk about ten of them.

The tenth place is occupied by Larry Page – co-founder of Google. The state of this person exceeds the mark of 41 billion dollars, making him not only one of the most influential, but also one of the richest people of our planet.

The ninth place is with Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. The man of the year in 2016, according to Time magazine, is famous not only for economic success, but also for his nationalist views, dislike for Muslims and illegal surveillance of people.

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed ibn Salman Al Saud, ranks eighth in the ranking. At 33, he became the youngest Minister of Defense in the world, while already being the head of the royal court. This allowed him to overtake the current king of this country, who did not hit the top 10 most influential people.

Seventh place with Bill Gates, the creator of Microsoft. He not only created the most popular operating system in the world, but also is one of the largest benefactors on the planet. At the moment, Gates has donated more than $ 30 billion.

Pope Francis, though not a businessman or leader of a country, was able to take sixth place in the ranking. This is the first Pope in history who agreed to meet with Patriarch Kirill, who had been preparing for two years.

Fifth place in Jeff Bezos, founder of the Amazon Corporation and the eponymous world’s largest online store. It is also worth noting the various gadgets under this brand, the Twitch service for video streaming and the IMDB website, whose movie ratings are one of the most important indicators in the film industry.

“Iron Lady” Angela Merkel as the German Chancellor is the fourth most influential people on the planet. She managed to become the only woman in such a high position in this country, while maintaining and increasing the economic indicators of Germany, which ranks 4th in terms of life, second only to Switzerland, Australia and Norway.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin occupy the third and second places respectively. The President of Russia was on the first line of the last four years, but he yielded it to the Chairman of the PRC. With regards to Donald Trump, he is the richest president in US history.

In the first place in the Forbes ranking is Xi Jinping, a man who fulfilled the dream of the President of Russia. Having occupied the post of chairman of the People’s Republic of China since 2013, by 2018 he was able to achieve the exclusion from the Chinese Constitution of the norm on the number of terms of his term in power, thereby, in fact guaranteeing his lifelong rule in the largest country in the world by population.