The pros and cons of being vegetarian

Every day in the world and on the territory of our country there are more and more vegetarians – people who do not eat meat, while claiming the usefulness of this diet. In this issue we will tell whether this is in fact the case.

Let’s start with the fact that man is an absolutely omnivorous creature and our body can consume both vegetable and animal food. You’d be surprised, but previously we were not able to digest milk, but over time the human genome has changed and now this product takes up a significant part of the human diet. However, there are those who not only do not eat animal meat, but also do not drink milk, do not eat eggs and fish, they are called vegans.

From the point of view of research, people who refuse to consume meat, less likely to suffer from coronary heart disease, cancer and diabetes. However, the main problem of many vegetarians is the lack of vitamin B12, which directly affects the appearance of such terrible ailments as atherosclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. However, with proper dietary control, such problems will not arise.

Many meat-eaters claim that in plants and vegetables it is impossible to find a full range of essential substances and vitamins that can replace animal food. This, of course, is not true. Beans, nuts, various cereals, kelp and other products, when properly consumed, easily replace most of the missing substances. However, this is where the trick lies – the fact is that vegetarians, especially vegans, will have to carefully monitor their diet, including constantly counting the level of consumed substances, which is not always possible.

In defense of vegetarianism, it is worth noting that, probably, only chicken meat is completely safe for the human body. If we talk about red meat and especially sausages sold in supermarkets, they directly affect the appearance of cancerous tumors. We told about this in the last issue, a link to which you will find at the end of this video.

In conclusion, we would like to note that under no circumstances should you turn your child at a small age into vegetarianism. The fact is that, unlike an adult organism, a full-fledged diet is extremely important for children, and in the case of the consumption of plant foods you can simply make a mistake in calculating the necessary micronutrients that are easily found in animal food and thus seriously harm the growing organism. Also, do not forget about the right to self-determination of the child, including in matters of nutrition.