The worst habits

During a lifetime the average person gets a large number of bad habits, many of which have significant effects on the health. All those will be discussed in this issue.

Of course, we could not overlook the alcoholism and smoking. A significant consumption of strong drinks leads not only to cirrhosis of the liver, cardiovascular diseases and oncology, but also to death. According to the World Health Organization, every year alcohol takes about 3 million of human lives. If we talk about smoking, it causes up to 50% deaths of smokers worldwide, which is about 7 million annually. It all comes from the fact that the inhaled smoke contains thousands of chemicals, at least 50 of which are carcinogens that affect the growth of cancer tumors

The habits of nose-picking and nail-biting are not only the most common ones, but also quite dangerous to your health. Cleaning the mucous membrane of your nose too often increases the probability of its damage and infection with various bacteria, because the mucus in the nose serves as the very barrier against such problems. The same bacteria, only now on your hands, will also get into your body if you bite your nails. And all this is without mentioning the damage to the cuticle and soft tissue, followed by inflammation of the skin around your fingernails

Another no less common habit is gluttony, which leads to obesity and subsequent health problems. In the process of addiction to the excessive calorie intake and large amounts of food, not only your belly will become larger, but you’ll also have fat surrounding internal organs. All these factors increase the risk of strokes and heart attacks, diabetes, renal failure, and even cancer.

And finally, let’s mention the lack of sleep, a habit that is common for the modern person. Many people find it not that significant, but that the lack of sleep dramatically increases the amount of stress hormones in your body, which slows down the brain cell regeneration. In addition, it can cause the limbs tremors, chronic depression, increased blood pressure and decreased immunity.