Thromboembolism. How can blood clots kill people?

On October 15, 2017, the actor Dmitry Maryanov died without regaining consciousness about thromboembolism. Alexey Arifullin, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Yevgeny Leonov and tens of thousands of other people died for the same reason. In this issue we will explain what kind of a disease it is and what it can lead to.

If in a nutshell, the essence of this disease in a detached thrombus, which is a blood clot that completely blocks a blood vessel. As a result, the blood flow stops completely, which leads, for example, to heart attack, ischemic stroke, paralysis and gangrene of the extremities. All these diagnoses are fatal to humans and can be fatal in a short time. That is why, in the case of blood clots, requires a strict diet and taking a large number of drugs. In the case, if the blockage of the vessel has happened, immediate hospitalization is required, otherwise, the person will simply die.

According to statistics, in Russia alone, at least 1,000 people suffer from strokes associated with separation of blood clots every year, with every eighth of them younger than 45 years. The main causes of this disease are three. The first is a violation of blood clotting as a result of genetic defects and complications due to serious diseases. The second is postoperative injuries and infections. And finally, the third, possibly the most common – sports injuries and sedentary lifestyle, leading to impaired blood flow, which simply stagnates.

Alas, with thromboembolism, your chance of survival is extremely small, but even if it happens, you are likely to remain disabled. That is why it is extremely important not to neglect physical activity. And we are not talking about debilitating exercises, but about ordinary cardio. This can be both running and simple walks that strengthen your heart and speed up the blood exchange, which in turn reduces its clotting. And, of course, consume less foods with saturated fats.