What happens if you stop showering?

Not all people on our planet are clean, like to take a shower and smell good. In this issue we will talk about the consequences of such a neglect of hygiene.

Let’s begin, perhaps, with a bad smell as from the most harmless consequences of the lack of cleanliness of the body. Bacteria and keratinous pieces of skin will begin to accumulate on your skin, some of which, as a result of digestion by the same bacteria, will cause a stinking odor that is almost impossible to disguise with perfumes or toilet water. Moreover, all this dirt accumulating on the surface of the body will eventually cause terrible itching, and microcracks that will appear on the skin as a result of constant scratching will be filled with bacteria, which will certainly cause infections of the soft tissues. At the same time, it is important to note that any other wounds appearing on your body will cause a similar effect, including on the scalp, where the amount of dandruff, which is actually the skin of keratinized skin, will be off the scale.

Of course, your once-healthy skin on your face will also immediately begin to suffer. Due to the production of a large amount of subcutaneous fat and its accumulation, inflammatory processes will begin, including due to clogged pores. Acne will eventually become permanent “residents” not only of the face, but of your entire body.

The appearance of fungus on your legs, in the inguinal and axillary areas, where the processes of decay and decomposition of the upper layer of the epithelium begin with time, will also be natural. These processes will eventually begin to kill your immune system, constantly complicating the task of defending the body against serious viral diseases. To say that you will become a real outcast of society as a result of bad smell and poor appearance, is no longer necessary here, because the question of your health and survival will become much more acute.

In conclusion, we would like to note that taking a shower once a day and using a small amount of detergent will help you fight bacteria and feel better. But do not get involved in these procedures and perform them several times a day without good reason. The fact is that besides the fact that you dry up the skin, which starts to crack, and the bacteria get inside, you wash away a huge amount of bacteria and adipose tissue, which are permanent residents of the surface of your skin and serve to protect it from various infections.