What makes heat dangerous to human health?

With the arrival of summer, in many cities a 30-degree heat has set in, which is not only fraught with sunstroke, but also serious health problems. This is what we will discuss in this issue.

Surprisingly, most people disregard the recommendations to cover their heads during the sunburn, and this can lead to severe convulsions and even coma. First of all, at high temperatures your brain begins to suffer, because his blood vessels, expanding, begin to squeeze him. This ultimately leads to hypoxia or simply a lack of oxygen, which can cause you to lose consciousness and die without medical attention.

To begin with, you will develop weakness and nausea, and your body temperature will slowly rise. Bleeding from the nose and even hallucinations are also possible. With an increase in body temperature up to 42 degrees, the probability of death increases up to 30%. This is especially worth fear for children, the elderly and those who have problems with being overweight, because thermoregulation in such people works quite poorly. And, of course, do not forget about intoxication, which directly affects the blood vessels in the brain.

It will be important to note that in addition to sunstroke, in a stuffy, poorly ventilated room, you can expect a heat stroke. It leads to intoxication and subsequent heart failure with circulatory disorders. Here you can add dehydration, which occurs due to increased perspiration, when the body is trying to cool itself.

If we talk about office work, according to a study published by Harvard University in July 2018, our brain is extremely susceptible to temperature and if it rises, it slows down our work. The optimum mark is 20-22 degrees Celsius, further reactions will slow down and confusion will appear, directly affecting labor productivity. The test was conducted on the classic work with text, elementary calculations and telephone conversations.

In conclusion, we would like to say that high temperatures adversely affect not only newborns, but also those who are still in the womb. Heat affects the development of the fetus and can lead to problems with the child’s nervous system.