Why are hand dryers dangerous?

Toilets of restaurants, shopping centers and other public places are increasingly equipped with automatic hand dryers, which can cause serious diseases. This is what we will discuss in this issue.

Blood poisoning or simply sepsis is a common enough disease that affects about 18 million people worldwide every year. It can develop in your body over the course of a few days or a whole week. However, it is characterized by some symptoms of respiratory diseases, because blood infection is often confused with a cold, without attaching special importance. Then the heartbeat becomes more frequent, psychosis and hallucinations appear, the body becomes covered with spots, and the person simply dies. Probably, you have a question, what do hand dryers have to do with it? About this – further.

The air in public toilets is filled not only with unpleasant odors and odors of air fresheners, but also with intestinal bacteria, which are sent to your hands as a result of the circulation of the dryer. In April 2018, the American Society of Microbiology published a research report on this issue, and the findings were disappointing. Scientists left in the closet a cup with a nutrient medium for bacteria, and after 18 hours they found only 6 colonies of pathogens in it. Later they conducted the same experiment with a dryer, where they kept the bowl for only 30 seconds. During this time, it has formed more than 250 colonies!

Dryers are not only a convenient toilet means, but also a source of clostridia, bacteria that cause severe diarrhea and subsequent dehydration. Also, do not forget about staphylococcus, which is not only resistant to antibiotics, but also can cause pneumonia, as well as blood poisoning, which we described earlier. For the same reason, it is worth monitoring the cleanliness of your kitchen, where E. coli and other pathogens can not only cause digestive problems, but also infect your skin and even heart tissue. This is especially true for people with weak immunity, children and the elderly.

In conclusion, we would like to say that without any treatment a septic shock develops in the body of the diseased person, which in 70% of cases is fatal, as a result of systemic damage to all human organs.