Why are public toilets dangerous?

Public toilets in the cities are an inexhaustible source of quite serious diseases. In this issue we will talk about them and how to avoid them.

Earlier we already talked about hand dryers, which can be carriers of bacteria, a link to that issue, we will leave at the end of the video. Well, in this let’s talk about other dangers lurking in public restrooms. If during their visit you did not touch the face and lips, and the skin does not have obvious injuries, then the chance of something getting sick is extremely small, but in other cases you should be careful.

The fact is that our feces contain up to half of the microbes living in the body, and this is E. coli causing severe diarrhea, and staphylococcus with purulent infections, and even the causative agents of hepatitis. But even they most likely will not be able to overcome your immune system. Most of the bacteria that live in public toilets dwell, for example, in the same public transport. But only our skin and mucous membranes are the strongest barrier for them, otherwise humanity would have died out long ago. However, everything is not so clear.

During flushing, the bacteria inside the toilet bowl can be thrown up to 10 centimeters and cover the walls, the floor and all nearby surfaces. That is why we do not recommend touching them, let alone putting our things there. It will be necessary to wash your hands, because if you then touch the mouth or, for example, the eyes, the whole set of toilet microorganisms will fall into your body.

It will be important to note that the probability of hitting deadly viruses such as HIV is almost negligible. The fact is that such organisms quickly die outside the human body, and they can infect only through a strong cut, rectum or mouth. But usually these parts of the body do not touch the toilet seat.

In conclusion, we would like to say about the study saying, that up to 75% of people use their phones in the toilet, which later contain on the surface ten times more dangerous bacteria than in many public latrines. That’s why you should pay attention not only to the hygiene of your hands, which are the main source of disease, but also the cleanliness of your smartphone.