Why are solar flares dangerous?

The sun is the nearest star to the Earth and our life depends on it. At the same time, flashes occur on its surface that can threaten the life of mankind, and we will tell about them in this issue.

In early September 2017, a number of flares occurred on the Sun, some of which are already called the largest scientists in history. A huge emission of solar mass will cover with its cloud all the planets of our solar system – Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury, the latter will take the brunt. But Mars and our planet are more fortunate because blowout went tangentially. His arrival to the Earth, according to scientists, is expected on September 12 and 13, then magnetic storms of 2 and 3 levels will occur.

Similar events occurring on the Sun can have different effects on both humans and equipment in space. For example, the last outbreak led to the fact that the quality of radio communications was disturbed in the USA and Europe, but at the same time the International Space Station did not suffer, although its crew had to spend some time in a special protective compartment. If we talk about the impact on health, then, of course, first of all, astronauts who receive large doses of radiation suffer from outbreaks. If we talk about people on Earth, then science is not aware of cases when solar flares could penetrate the magnetic field and atmosphere of the Earth, and therefore the influence of such phenomena is minimal.

At the same time, it will be important not to downplay the influence of solar flares on the technological side of human life. The fact is that in space there is an enormous number of satellites responsible for geolocation, television, mobile communications, and finally, for Internet access. If events occur on the Sun that will bring most of this equipment out of order, then humanity will be on the verge of a technological catastrophe. Telephone communication will be limited, cars will lose reference points in space, and a part of the population of the Earth will remain without access to the Internet, which has long been an indispensable thing in people’s lives.

In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that every year dozens of satellites fail due to flares on the Sun, but even by the most apocalyptic calculations, they cannot threaten the health and life of people. At least in the next millennium.